Actionable. Motivating. Encouraging.

THeSE three words appear most on Tonya’s speaking feedback forms.

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Deliver impact.

Tonya doesn’t give productivity talks, she designs custom education experiences to motivate and engage your audience. It’s one thing to talk about shifting your mindset - it’s another thing to make it happen live.


Tonya's often booked for:


Opening Keynotes

that energize participants and help kick off & set the tone for your event


Compelling Master Classes

to challenge and teach your team to live and work productively


Closing Keynotes

to bring together your objectives, leaving your audience feeling motivated and empowered.



Busy employees and productive teams are not the same thing.


The downfall of many traditional productivity trainings is they require you to follow rigid rules. This assumes we work the same, we think the same - that all businesses ARE the same.

Productivity is not a one-size-fits-all system.

Tonya curates a custom in-person experience for all her speaking engagements based off your end-goals and the learning objectives for your audience. During an initial phone call, Tonya will learn about your business and discuss your challenges to create a workshop tailored to the needs of your team.

Whether you need a 60 minute keynote for entrepreneurs or a full-day corporate workshop, your audience will be fully engaged from start to finish. When your audience leaves, they take their next step, find their own voice, and feel empowered -personally and professionally.

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Attendee Testimonials


A speaking event
customized for you.

Tonya is more than a productivity expert, she’s a teacher at heart that approaches each audience as a unique group… customizing her messages on management, priorities and goals.

Every presentation is customized to boost the productivity of your unique group. Here are just a few examples of the topics Tonya speaks about:


Goal Setting

Establishing Healthy Habits

Structuring Your Day


Streamlining Systems

Pursuing Passion

Creating Time For Yourself


Delegation & Management

Making Choices

Work/Life Balance

Increasing Productivity


Popular combinations
  1. Making Choices + Prioritizing + Structuring Your Day

  2. Mission & Vision Statements + Goal Setting + Pursuing Passion

  3. Prioritizing + Delegating + Perfectionism



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Next Steps

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Fill out

complete the questionnaire to help Tonya understand the goals for your event

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schedule an initial phone call to set up learning objectives for your audience

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discuss final details with Tonya to make sure your message is customized for your team

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watch your team light up as they understand how to truly be more productive



In the pursuit of higher performance, many have forgotten that productivity isn’t just about time management, streamlining or creating efficiencies. When we stop focusing on being efficient and work instead, towards being effective, you begin to see growth of your team and your business. 

Tonya’s speaking events will allow you to increase your margins and create a happier environment for your employees.

And isn’t that what life is all about?
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Need something completely online?

Check out Tonya’s course options. Corporate discounts available.