100: How to Build a Support System & Reach Your Goals



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


This week, we’re talking all about accountability and support systems. We’ll dive into why it’s so important to have someone hold you accountable, how accountability partners help foster success in your life, and how to find & build a successful partnership. We’ll also discuss the different types of accountability partnerships and groups and the benefits of each.


Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why even self-starters need someone to hold them accountable

  • How an accountability partner can help foster success in your life

  • The questions you should ask to find the right accountability partner for you

  • Five things to keep in mind to ensure that your partnership is successful

What To Do Next:

  • We really want to be successful with our goals and using an accountability partner, setting up those regular check-ins — that's what's going to close the gap and make you feel more successful.

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“The odds of success go up 70% when you add in an accountability partner and you plan to meet with them regularly.”



Resources & Links

Resources & Links:

  • Episodes Mentioned: 097: Don’t Delay Happiness: Someday Syndrome

  • liveWELL Method Course

  • Five things to keep in mind to ensure your partnership is successful:

    • Make sure your accountability partner is dependent and trustworthy

    • Talk to your partner about your goals and expectations

    • Set up regular check-in times to evaluate your progress

    • Make sure meetings are a priority for everyone involved

    • Revisit your goals and strategies on a regular basis to ensure you’re on track