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Elephants love a good plan of action. Whatever the future holds, you probably already made a plan for it (maybe a plan B, too). You work so hard for others, you often forget about granting yourself the grace for mistakes… or even a night off.

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When someone asks you, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” you almost always have an answer.


Whether it’s your next big project at work or your morning workout, you’re already prepping (and looking forward to it!) You love the idea of having something new, different and challenging coming up… it doesn’t scare you, it lights the fire under you. For you, looking ahead is a beautiful contrast of both excitement and serenity… and you find peace in thinking it all out.

So what if one of your favorite tasks is actually writing tasks down on your to-do list? Keeping your plans, thoughts and goals organized is what moves you forward… day in and day out. Structuring your days brings clarity… and while you don’t always feel like waking up early, your morning routine (even when you’re running late!) means your day is set up for success! While some like to break rules and go off script, you value them and the structure they bring. Planning it all out comes easier for you than others, from the details to the deadlines, you’re known to be precise and committed.



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But… slipping into bed at the end of each day, you find yourself wondering where the time went. Where did you focus your energy all day?


If you’re so busy each day, why does the time seem to disappear from under you? Even with your best-laid plans and notebook in hand, you can’t seem to set aside downtime for yourself.

You want to embrace this popular idea of self-care, but how can you with all that you need to get done each day? You know you need to embrace a shift in mindset, but you’re wondering where to begin. 

Look at your strengths as an Elephant and take a moment to celebrate them! Then, take a moment to dive into your struggles and obstacles and see where you can make small, but effective changes. 

Let’s tackle this together. I’ve curated a few podcast episodes specifically for the Elephant in you… Scroll down to see those below, plus I’ll be popping in your inbox with some other resources I’ve pulled together just for you.

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I often say, it’s important to customize your productivity to you and your life


Now that we know your patronus is an Elephant, I’ve curated a list of a few podcast episodes designed just for you.

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