Your Productivity Patronus is the


As a Bear, you’re exceptional at adapting to the seasons. Wherever life leads you, you like to take it slow and enjoy each day. You’re powerful and independent, but that can lead to unanticipated situations that you’d like to be better equipped for in the future.

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“Forever is composed of nows” might just be one of your favorite sayings. Not only do you believe it, you live it daily.


You’re aware of the changes life inevitably brings, and accepting of the fact that you can’t always have control. You find peace in being positive and bringing out the positivity in others, showing them you’re grateful to have them in your life. And while connection is so important to you, you also know how to make time for self care and embrace the whitespace.

So what if one of your favorite tasks is actually writing tasks down on your to-do list? Keeping your plans, thoughts and goals organized is what moves you forward… day in and day out. Structuring your days brings clarity… and while you don’t always feel like waking up early, your morning routine (even when you’re running late!) means your day is set up for success!

While some like to break rules and go off script, you value them and the structure they bring. Planning comes easier for you than others, from the details to the deadlines, you’re known to be precise and committed.



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You like the idea of taking it day-by-day, step-by-step… whatever IT is.


New projects at work? You’ll jot it down on your to-do list as a reminder, but get to it after the other pile of items on your desk. Wanting to renovate the kitchen or get back into your favorite hobby?

You will - you’re just waiting until the time is just right (and maybe for a friend to join you). Whatever the task is, you (usually) find the time to get it done, and yet it still feels like the #struggleisreal.

Looking ahead feels daunting, and living in the moment has been nice, but you’re wondering what amazing things will happen if you find the time and energy to focus on the future a bit more. 

Look at your strengths as a Bear and take a moment to celebrate them! Then, take a moment to dive into your struggles and obstacles and see where you can make small, but effective changes. 

Let’s tackle this together. I’ve curated a few podcast episodes specifically for the Bear in you… Scroll down to see those below, plus I’ll be popping in your inbox with some other resources I’ve pulled together just for you.


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I often say, it’s important to customize your productivity to you and your life


Now that we know your patronus is a Bear, I’ve curated a list of a few podcast episodes designed just for you.

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episode 100
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